Dyno Tuning

For customers looking for every performance advantage they can get, GT Garage offers its dyno tuning service for all vehicles.

Your car will be put onto our rolling road and pushed to its limits in a dyno power run, while our sophisticated equipment tracks the amount of power generated, fuel consumption and injection system performance. The data collected is then used to tune your vehicle's engine and other systems, before another power run is done to track the boost in performance our changes make. 

This process is repeated as many times as required to get the absolute most power possible out of your engine, ensuring your vehicle is at peak performance.

Other Engine Services

In addition to our dyno tuning we also offer more conventional engine repairs:

  • rebuilding and reconditioning petrol and common-rail diesel engines
  • head gasket repair or replacement
  • fuel injector cleaning
  • repairing and fuel pump maintenance

If you have engine trouble, or would like to get every last bit of power from your engine, contact us for a booking today.

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